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Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd.
주요 제품:그라우트 스테이션/호스 펌프, 유압 잭, 행성 콘크리트 믹서, 수소화기, 콘크리트 및 내화물 발산 기계
No. 1 고압분사 파종기 부문 빠른 응답 시간Annual export US $2,160,000Full customizationTotal staff (120)Total floorspace (3,296㎡)



  • 1. We are China's leading construction machinery manufacturer.
  • 2. Companies have strict quality control system. And has achieved ISO9001: 2008, CE and SGS certification. 
  • 3. Alibaba Assessed 12 years Verified Supplier.
  • 4. Trade Assurance protects trade safety: (1) Product quality protection. (2) On-time shipment protection. (3) Payment protection.
  • 5. Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

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